Technical & Music services

  • Artist Development:
  • Music industry advice sessions and masterclasses ranging from releasing albums and singles to promoting your music to the radio, music reviewers and magazines, to live performance advice, use of social media and internet platforms to generate income and demo feedback sessions.

  • Audio Services:
  • We provide pre-production & post-production services and expertise, including audio recording, mixing & mastering through Sound Gallery Studios

  • Technical Services:
  • Troubleshooting, studio design, music production services, sound design, soundscapes, audio and visual installations.

  • Graphic Design:
  • Album cover design, imagery, visual content for projections and live performances, film trailers and promos for Youtube and social media platforms.

  • Projects: we organise and present live music events and showcases, innovative multi-media performances and cross-platform projects, audio-visual installations and exhibitions.

  • Voiceover talent:
  • Voiceover talent and spoken word for adverts, audiobooks, multi-media projects. Clients: Royal Albert Memorial Museum, T-Mobile, Tribal Sports Nutrition and more.

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    'The artist makes art not to save mankind but to save himself' (Camille Paglia)

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